Sep 15, 2008

today's linkerage - some hot, some not

Joe. Reading, of course.
Ten Reasons Skirts Are Better Than Pants - Lovin' this!
When Bride's Have No Budget - Or Taste For more laughs, take a look at the comments.
The new words for the last six decades at Random House
Light up your world: What do you see?
Top 10 Love Quotes
and finally, how did I ever get by without Cowboy Lyrics.

Thank you and have a great day!


Roughnight said...

The Love Quotes suck, Princess, I can certainly whisper much more enticing sweet nothings in your ear all night long.

And that dude reading the book...lame.

The Cowboy Lyrics looks like a fun way to spend Tuesday night....for about two minutes.

Get back to the galley, wench!

Princeton McKinney said...

That's Princess, Cap'n Roughnight, and you know I don't do anything in the galley. My talents lie elsewhere.

While you're off pirating and pillaging, I apply myself to such useful things as reading, writing, more reading, blogging, reading blogs, looking at pictures of Joe Flanigan.....oops, did I type that out loud?

Well, never where's that galley located?