Sep 22, 2008

there's not enough milk in the world

For a girl, I really like baseball. Not that I follow along with any teams, know any stats, or watch games on TV. But seriously, I do like it. And if I recall, the World Series should be coming up in October. I remember this because I hung around with guys when I was in high school, but mainly because it was always about the same time as Homecoming, and my hair was always being done in some outrageous style for the Homecoming Game and Dance. (To be honest, I usually brushed out my hair after the stylist did all the teasing and lacquering with hair spray.)

Although I no longer sit and watch games on TV, I would never turn down an opportunity to go to a real live game. Now that's some fun! Cap'n and I have been talking about taking one of the Good Times buses up to Atlanta for a game some time, but we have never actually done it. Good Times is always a group activity with us and it seems like something else is always going on with someone in the group lately (mostly children's weddings) (not our children!) so we have gone to several New Orleans Saints football games on Good Times but never a Braves game, but I would love to.

When I lived in California a long time ago, I did manage to go to an entire home season of Oakland A's games. Yes, I did mention that it was a long time ago. That year I collected almost the entire uniform at the gate give aways, and I think I still have the jersey. I can't remember how the A's did that year, but let me tell you, the fans were some down and dirty entertainment. Of all the football games I've been to (pro or semi-pro), the fans seemed downright decorous compared to those at a baseball game.

When I was a teenager I played softball. Girls team, first base, Dixie Girls League. Once we got over age 15, we graduated to Pelican Girls League. The field was about a mile from my house and I usually walked to practice and games. I don't remember being a very good player, I really couldn't throw very far and I don't recall being a very good hitter. But I sure could put one foot on the bag and stretch out and catch that ball (thanks to those who could throw well) and get that runner out. Oddly enough my most vivid memory of playing softball (other than when my foot was stepped on by an opposing team member and it hurt), was a pitcher from an opposing team (Bell City, I think). Her name was Phoebe and she was a tiny blond powerhouse who just terrified me. Now that I think of it, I don't know why she intimidated me so much, but she had a reputation for fast and hard pitches and even though I looked cool to the extreme when I was at bat, I do believe I was quaking in my cleats. The downside to the League is that the Dixie Boys, or more importantly, the Pelican Boys, games were held at the opposite venue (girls home, boys away, or the other way around). And they got to play baseball not softball. Can't have it all, I guess.

Anyway, why is there not enough milk in the world? This. Today's offering from Cake Wrecks. This was supposed to be a baseball field cake. How insane. How sad. How hilariously horrible. The redeeming factor? It did make me think of Homecoming, the season I went to every A's home game, and the Dixie Girls League.

Yes, that's me, the one in the center with the crown on her head, and practically no skirt. (BTW, I had to give the crown back the next year, to place on the head of the gal the second from the right. Cheap homecoming committee!)

Symmetrical Bovine image copyright shaunl at iStockPhoto.


Roughnight said...

Aw, Princess, is that why you demand, uh I mean, request, uh I mean, I so freely and generously give you, all the tiaras pillaged, uh I mean, looted, uh I mean, stumbled upon during a raid, uh I mean, visit to a ship that passes in the night?

PS...kinda diggin' the chunk Pilgrim shoes!

Princeton McKinney said...

Thank you Cap'n. I knew you would understand.

The shoes, yep, knew you would like 'em, with the big shiny buckle and all.