Sep 1, 2008

Ephemera – Is it really?

From Wikipedia: Ephemera is transitory written and printed matter, not intended to be retained or preserved.

From Wictionary: Pronunciation IPA: ɪˈfemərə Noun ephemera plural

Plural form of ephemeron.

  1. transitory things
  2. publications that are designed to be short-lived

If ephemera is such, then do the collected boxes of ephemera cease to be ephemera and become something else?

Just saying.

The Ephemera Society of America


Anonymous said...

The key to your quandary lies in the words, "intended and designed." One can use things for which they were not intended, e.g. movie tickets one may keep things neither 'intended or designed' to be retained or preserved.

Kopperhead said...

Mr. Anonymous, if that is your real name: But if ephemera is in fact things not intended to be preserved, the fact of preserving it in a collection changes that. I know what you mean, it was just something to stimulate my brain awhile. And I'll get your PowerAde to you when I feel like it.

Roughnight said...

Mr. Anonymous is right. Did you notice how full the trash can was now that I have learned what ephemera is?

Princeton McKinney said...

I'll meet you on the poop deck and we'll talk ephemera, Capn.