Sep 11, 2008

Guest Blogger -- eelzemog on True Blood

In response to: Alan Ball, I Wanna Do Bad Things....

Ok, WHO reads these? I just want to agree with you about the perception of us Southerners and our "predjudices." Yeah, they are there. Truth be known, EVERYBODY has them. What's missing here (and I realize there MIGHT be time constraints) is the subtlety of the predjudice. WHY IN H*LL is EVERYBODY in the bar automatically against the vamp? It's my experience that most of US would be first, fastinated THEN (after thinking it over and weighing the moral pros and cons) exhibit out right distaste, disapproval, hatred...whatever negative reaction. It would never be so overt as what was presented in the True Blood first episode. Good Grief! Did they not research ANY actual locals before presenting Ball's OBVIOUSLY biased view of CH books?
I'm convinced the beta version of the flick was presented to CH to sign off on, then the crap that was aired as the first episode of True Blood was put in it's place.
I'm sure I'll have more to add later, but we're in the process of having our first major flood in history here and I'm awaiting the call to go "save the world" by being Nurse Nancy downtown for all the evacuees. We're in Lubbock, for Pete's sake! Give it a few hours and the water will leave.....

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