Sep 15, 2008

"oh Bill, won't you please come in"

Yes, of course I watched again, even after my opinions of Episode 1. I just shut my eyes during the opening credits and let Jace Everett's honey-coated voice pour over me. "Bad Things" is one of the Best Things about True Blood. Episode 2 was much better. It moved along somewhat more slowly, and even put a big hint out there for those of you who haven't read the books. The Tara character was a little more appealing in this episode, or either I have resigned myself that she is going to say dumb things in that really bad accent, and I almost have to look away when she goo-goos over Jason. Speaking of Jason, good Lord Lucy, I'm just not getting all hot and bothered about him like so many are. I like ripped torsos, but a lick o' sense wouldn't hurt anything either. Which, all in all, is not bad, because there has to be some unlikeable characters, and me not liking Jason means someone is doing their job. I think.

Spoiler alert (possibly) just in case you haven't read the books: Meanwhile, I'm liking Bill all over again, with his soft spoken, slow moving ways (other than when he is vampire-ishly fast moving), and the way he says "Sookie". And I'm going along with it, knowing full well what eventually happens. Although it was explained that drinking vampire blood makes mortals heal, have sharper senses, an enhanced libido and links them to the vampire, it wasn't said that it makes you feel and appear more beautiful. Was this reflected by the clothing Sookie wore after she had Bill's blood, the short dress over a either a bikini top or a green/white dotted bra, and the short white sundress she was wearing later? Sookie always dressed nicely, stylishly, but I don't remember such short revealing dresses. Am I wrong about that? Or was this a way to reflect that she found herself attractive and wanted to put it out there for everyone?

Now, as far as that scene where Lafayette took Tara to the party, what was that all about? Nothing, I tell you, nothing. I realize that Sookie can't be in every single scene as she is in the book, because she would have to work way to long to get it filmed, etc., and some stuff is probably better shown to us rather than explained in a conversation with Sookie, but good grief, what did this party scene accomplish? Nothing. Oh, I did learn that Lafayette was Tara's cousin, something that wasn't in the book. Or the fact that Tara is Black,. Not that the book ever said that Tara was a Caucasian, but it didn't say she wasn't, and it did say that Lafayette was Black, and it never said that Tara was his cousin. It doesn't matter to me that Tara is Black, it matters more that she wasn't even involved in this situation in the book "Dead Until Dark." I'm adjusting though. I watched Episode 2 twice and my panties aren't even wrinkled, much less in a knot.


Roughnight said...

Who is this "Bill" you are summoning into your quarters? Back to sharpening my cutlass.

Princeton McKinney said...

Don't you worry none about old Vampire Bill. That's Sookie's boyfriend. You may, however, start worrying a bit, even if it is only pretend, next week when Eric is supposed to show up on Episode 04.

But don't worry Cap'n; Eric's not half the man you are, any day of the week!