Sep 12, 2008

gEnius it is, Genius on iTunes.

I like to play with music. It's fun to rearrange things into titles, artist, genres, and dozens of other sorting options. Now, it is even more fun to play with Genius, a new update of a few days ago.

One of my wishes came true! iTunes will now make play lists based on the song you select. A few songs are not selectable for this function (I wonder why that is?) I have been making playlist after playlist, and they're all pretty good. At least it solves my problems of selecting what I am going to listen to. I have um...a lot, of songs on my iPod, and sometimes I just don't want to have to stop and choose. I should like everything on there right? After all, it's my iTunes/iPod and I selected what to include. Oh wait. My son did put some techno electronic stuff on there a summer or so ago, when we were driving to work together. I want to delete it, but what if one day I wake up and want to listen to electric techno?

Na...that won't happen.

So far, I haven't bought any of the recommend songs, or completed any albums. I did buy a song last night that I know is on an album in my garage,'s an album. How would I get it on my iPod? And even if I could, it's worth .99 for me not to have to go out there and sweat.

Meanwhile, I'll continue flipping through cover art and making playlists like I haven't a care in the world.

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