Sep 5, 2008

Stephenie Meyer's Hissy Fit

Yes, I said Hissy Fit.

Lynn M said this so much better, and probably nicer, than I would have, so I'm sending you over to read her post of Sept. 4. (For some reason I was not able to make a direct link to the post, sorry.) Lynn has all the relevant links.

The only thing I have to add is that Meyer's actions may affect readers who have not yet read any of the series once they know she quit because of something that was not the readers fault, so it is rather like biting off your nose to spite your face or much like the teacher punishing the entire class for something one student did.

Just saying!

(I haven't read the series, nor had I planned to before this news, so it hasn't changed my mind about reading the Twilights. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour.)


Roughnight said...

And you should know, Princess.

Princeton McKinney said...

Ah, thank you Cap'n. One of my many joys in life is perfecting the hissy fit.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing HISSY about that could do better...
Count me in as waiting in the wings for a better example...J