Sep 12, 2008

Jimmy Got a Job at Google


This was a good movie. I had part of it figured out, but I was going to be sad if Ben had lost everything, which he did, but it all worked out for him. Enjoyed this one twice! You can rent it from iTunes for $3.99.

This exchange was so funny I had to replay it several times.

Mickey: "Jimmy got a job at Google."

Ben: "Jimmy got a job at Google?" [beat] "Then why'd he quit this?"

Mickey: "I said he got a job at Google, not Sizzler."

A few more of my favorites:

"I'm a cerebral stud, is that nothing?"

"It's always best to go out when you're on top. Welcome to Vegas."

"You missed a helluva dorm party on Saturday. We almost had a girl there.

"I love a parade, don't you." (Mickey said this as the strippers were lining up and then leaving the casino's cashier windows as they cashed out the team's chips for them.)

"It's not like she's a rocket scientist or anything. Oh, wait. She is!"

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