Sep 8, 2008

for J

Unmeasured Moments

A symphony of being

Muted in present, vivid in past

Lingering in the shadows with unwavering faith

Accepting, I relinquished

Nevertheless seeing, hearing

Routine existence exposed and fragile

Effervescent recollections

Perpetual and cloudless, I am

Cradled in the nucleus of your universe

Time is trivial as you wait

For the marching saints

With truncheon escort to conduct you home

The infamous going fishing in a dress photo. I was so

sad I couldn't go fishing, but I guess I was in school

that day.


Anonymous said...

Took me this long to comment on the amazing poem due to extreme emotion every time I read it. Sent a link to everyone I know to read it and vidi the photo of "fishin' in a dress." The tears were accompanied by a smile and laughter which, for some reason I don't understand, most folks have trouble accepting as appropriate.
Thank you from the bottom of my soul for understanding.
I will always love you as my closest relative and soul sister.
Ever yours, J

Princeton McKinney said... you got me misting up and smiling! I love my Uncle C. so much. Can you imagine what it will be like when he sees mother again--that should be a hoot! Meanwhile, I still look at this picture and wonder why I wasn't along for the "fishin' in a dress" adventure. This has to be right behind the "ridin' horses in a dress". What were they thinking? Love you too!

Anonymous said...

You were in school, older cuz! Lucky you, I remember being cold. It was overcast and misty. Check out Daddy's HAIR! Think he and Ilene will be all young and good looking up there? That will make Daddy happy. He's still very vain!
AND...I wasn't ridin' any horses in dresses, only posing on the Shetland for posterity!
Have to sign it....J