Nov 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you are all having a great day! I was going to post a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone today, along with an illustration of mine. The external hard drive that has the illustration on it is in for repair, and the CD backup is now in a box behind piles of storage boxes for Christmas decorations, so I am using the comp version. If you want this illustration for yourself, you can purchase it at

The turkey at our house doesn't look as happy as this one, but I know it will be very yummy, as on Tuesday Cap'n deep fried a practice turkey, and it was all gone by the next day. A 13 pounder! Yum, it was delicious, as I am sure the one will be later on today.

We will finish eating by 4:00 so we can go to Michael's and see if I can snag some cartridges, they are having a super sale.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Illustration by Kopperhead (me) at

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