Nov 22, 2008

Bad Day for Blue Christmas Lights

It was a bad day at Cap'n and Wench's ship yesterday. We were decorating the outside with lights. First Cap'n took a step backwards and stepped on a blue light. Then a few minutes later it was my turn, another blue light got squished under my boot. Then, when trying to get a replacement light out of the package, Cap'n squished another one. That man doesn't know his own strength. Then later, I dropped a package of spare bulbs....which one broke? You got it, the blue one. Cap'n has gone to store to buy new replacement light, in blue, of course. These are the old fashioned giant Christmas light bulbs.

We got lights all around the structure we call home, plus hung some giant glass balls in the peaks of the garage and entrance way. They look pretty in the day time. also got green lighted swags and red lighted bow above the garage door. Hopefully the Cap'n's big boat won't yank them off when he backs out of the garage.

It was cold here yesterday, had to break out the wool coat. Of course you snowbirds would laugh at me and probably think the wind and cold were merely a refreshing breeze. It wasn't. I had to take a hot bath and get under my heated blanket early yesterday; I couldn't thaw out.

Everything looks real pretty, even though most strings of lights are missing some blue bulbs, but we'll get there. First in our neighborhood to put up lights, so we won, I guess. I'll put a photo when it is not so windy and I can get out there and take one with them all lit up.

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