Dec 10, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am making my Christmas cards. Notice I did not say holiday cards or winter solstice cards. We celebrate Christmas and I do not know why so many people pressure us to not say so. Merry Christmas. It's what we say. Why are some people allowed to say how horrible it is for me to say Merry Christmas. I do not think it is insulting, and if you said Happy Hannukah or Merry Kwanza to me, I would return the greeting and not get upset and offer criticism. If you do not believe, just take it as a nice greeting. Someone saying Merry Christmas to you is certainly not meant as anything other than a greeting of this time.

It is Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ. If you wish to celebrate this time of year, whatever you celebrate is fine with me. I celebrate Christmas, Love, Joy, Hope and Peace to everyone, not just the Merry Christmasers.

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