Nov 3, 2008

I'm bonkers and it's all okay

Now I know I have finally put one foot off that ledge that I have been hovering on for the longest.

First, I must say that my younguns were young before baby monitors were a gizmo available to help the proud parents leave the baby alone in his room while they found some alone time together in another part of the house. So we just had to use our God-given ears, keeping at least one ear tuned into the sounds that only a mother, or father, recognizes.

What does that have to do with going off the deep end? Last night I set my Cricut to cut a cute little swirly cut from the Accent Essentials cartridge to use as a pumpkin stem. The cut was very intricate and I was cutting 14 of them and it was going to take awhile. I was tired and ready to go to bed so I just left Cricut running and turned off lights and closed up the studio for the night, and went on in the house. On my walk (very dark too, as both porch lights on the studio burned out within two days of each other) I hoped that Cricut would be okay cutting alone, and the thought flashed in my head that perhaps I should have a baby monitor so that I could listen to it cutting and make sure everything went okay.

It was at that point I realized I had turned my electronic die cutting machine into a young child that I needed to tend to every waking moment.

Are both feet off the ledge now? I think that when I got back in the studio this morning and saw that everything was fine, no paper jams or miscuts, that I could trust Cricut on her own for an hour or so of cutting pumpkin stems. Now I'm off to cut the pumpkins, all the while doing my balancing act in order to stay on the ledge.

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