May 19, 2012

This Self Serving President Should Find Shame In His Abuses of America

Obama flat out rejects the Keystone Pipeline, a project that would provide jobs and energy for the USA, in favor of pouring taxpayer money into green energy companies that fail. If a green energy company were to succeed, the cost of the green energy would bankrupt most Americans with the outrageous cost. The President wants to further regulate private oil companies, making it harder for them to produce an affordable product that we need. Then he immediately turns to Hollywood celebs, who, because of their outrageous salaries based on nothing but their current popularity, could afford the so-called green energy without blinking, unabashedly reaching into their pockets for money to finance a campaign of lies.

We all have to buy energy to heat our homes and power our vehicles, and the cost is the same for everyone, whether you make minimum wage or are a multi-million/billionaire. It is not like shoes, or a car, or a house, where there are many choices. A minimum wage earner may shop for clothing at K-Mart, whereas the Hollywood elite will shop at designer boutiques. A minimum wage earner will probably purchase a low priced economy vehicle, whereas the Hollywoods can buy a garage full of exotic imported vehicles.  There are choices for those items, low cost energy is a must for most Americans.

I don't resent that the Hollywoods get paid what they do. It's capitalism. The very prominent group of Hollywood rich earned their money in a capitalist supply and demand business. Of course I do think that they are overpaid for the actual work some of them do, but the very fact that they are overpaid is a result of the capitalist system. Both the Hollywood millionaires and Obama appear to detest the capitalist model, yet his campaign will be launched, and maintained, using these very funds.

The Keystone Pipeline--really? Rejected? Really. Canada is begging to provide us with oil, which would provide us with jobs, and Obama rejects it. Remember, while he is rejecting this, or, as he once put it, waiting until after the election to make a decision, the Hollywood crowd that provides much of his backing have jobs, or can be out of work for an extended period of time, and can afford expensive energy. Obama, you should be ashamed.

Post from David Tanner on Facebook:
"The Dems crack me up... they take NO responsibility for ANYTHING!! "Inherited?" Really? You liars have had almost four years in the WH, and have done nothing except turn job creaton DOWN for the sake of the tree huggers... or should we say for the sake of your campaign pocketbooks? obummer didn't inherit the loss of our triple A rating.. he didn't inherit the $4 a gallon gasoline, he didn't inherit the $4 trillion HE'S spent to help the illegals and welfare bums, and help renovate Muslim Mosques, he didn't inherent the exotic vacations he and moochelle have taken at the tax payers expense...... and we could go on and on!!!!"
and my response:
And now, publicly chastising and threatening (with proposed law) someone who made a lot of money and now is leaving the USA because the current administration is set on making it so unappealing for anyone with money to do business in the USA. USA is free country and if someone wants to leave, they have the freedom to do so, and to deny them return is so not American. Chastise and threaten the money makers, but support and promote non-citizens who are breaking the law by being in this country illegally ....oh yeah, if said someone mentioned above had donated to his campaign, do you think those Senators would be so hasty to make an example out of him? Nope. I could go on...... I think Obama's mission is to make as big a mess of this country as his arrogant self can, then retire self-satisfied.

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