May 22, 2012

The Me, Myself and I President--Shameful

President Obama's arrogance has risen to new levels.  Is this President so insecure, or so wanting attention that The White House, or POTUS himself, felt it necessary to amend the 'learn more about each president' pages of former Presidents?

The pages representing each of former US Presidents as presented on The White House website have been amended with footnotes of Obama's stuff. "Stuff" is my word of choice because it certainly isn't his accomplishments he is touting. Sometimes, it is merely a phrase such as "Obama continues to...." or a likened event, comparing a speech presented on television with presenting a speech on the internet.

I haven't read them all, nor will I. Obama has his own learn more about page, so why then so blatantly insinuate himself into the details of the former Presidents.  Because, as I have learned, he is the Me, Myself and I President.

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