Nov 4, 2008

election day USA

I didn't go vote today. I voted early, two weeks ago, while I was at the library turning in my borrowed books and borrowing some more. I knew that I wouldn't change my mind between then and now.

As of now we have a President Elect. I wish him all the best, and hope that he does a good job for us. Although I did not vote for Obama, I did vote, and my vote counted, so I am prepared to accept the outcome. I know we need change, and I do hope that BO and his advisors are prepared to do the right thing for the U.S. His speech tonight was truly amazing, and gave me that proud to be American feeling.

I know there are lots of things PEBO needs to accomplish for us, but, and maybe oddly, one thing I want him to do is make America and American's look better to the rest of the world. There are times I hate that the world seems to hate us. What the world sees is not always what us individual American's are about.

My prayer is that PEBO puts his life and this country in the right order: God, family, country. He is going to have hard choices to make, and as a patriotic American, I am going to give him the chance to make those choices, and recognize when he makes good choices, as well as poor choices.

I have been waiting for this election outcome for months now. Finally we can move on. I know....I'll make some cards!

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Katie Renz said...

I completely agree with you on all your points. It was a hard choice for me but I feel that my choice was right for me. And I also feel that the choice that many Americans made last night is a beginning to a "revised" view of the United States in the World's eyes. I want to seem him successful which will in turn hopefully mean that the United States will be successful.

I with you though that I am glad that it is over and life will go on.